What is an Olfactory Sentiment?   The sense of smell, or olfaction, is the special sense through which smells are perceived = Olfactory.  Sentiment is an attitude, a thought,, a specific view, a prediction or notion, an emotion prompted by feeling.   I.S. creates fine fragrances that capture the sentiment to invoke the emotion or feeling through olfaction and scents.

Postcards: An additional special "Note to Inspire."  Each I.S. fragrance comes with its own featured keepsake Olfactory Sentiment postcard.  When you select your Scent Type preference the Olfactory Sentiment postcard will display.

I.S. provides a new experience in choosing your fragrance:

Step 1: Select your Sentiment.

What Sentiment are you looking for yourself or perhaps someone to send to.   

Step 2: Select your Scent Type preference. 

If you are prefer a more floral scent or have a taste for a more smoky & woodsy fragrance...each sentiment has been carefully curated in the fragrance options.

Step 3: Select your bottle size.

Our signature perfume oil roll-on application allows for easy application and a very personal experience comes in 9ML and 30ML.   If you prefer the spray Eau de Parfum we offer in a 30ML bottle.

Step 4: For you or share and send as a gift.

Our website conveniently allows you to select to Send to:  Myself or Send to: your favorite person all in one order.  


We hope you enjoy your Olfactory Sentiment experience!  Thanks for joining us @ the House of Olfactory Sentiments! We'd love to hear from you too!